Discount Lodging in Telluride, Colorado
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Franchise Info is a local Telluride company specializing in vacation rental properties direct from qualified owners. We specialize in both short term vacation rentals and long term rentals (leased properties) to find your Telluride home.

Many rental properties split the seasons, offering short term rentals during peak vacation season and long term rentals during the off season.

Take advantage of off-season long term rental rates and find your next Telluride home!

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Why Use to find your next home?

  • Save time by screening properties - why settle for a one liner in the newspaper? Get a full description of the property and see pictures of your next Telluride home.
  • Contact the owner at your convenience - send an email, pick up the phone, send a fax. Talk to the owner directly using the communication method you prefer.
  • Direct from owner pricing - with no management company fees, the owner is able to pass on savings directly to you
  • Off-Season Savings - many owners offer long term rentals during the slow vacation rental (short term) season. Live the resort life at rates often less than the actual mortgage! will help you find your next Telluride home


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